Material overrides By ID

Hello everyone,

How to easily get the IDs of the materials applied to UE5 actors after conversion ?

In this Youtube tutorial there was a “converted materials” tab in the Speckle manager

We cannot use a conversion by name, we receive some material names with a space in them, UE5 does not accept these names.

By the way, how will these ID names be managed, if the project model will be updated, or another project will be loaded ?

I imagine that these IDs will change even if the same material was used in both projects ?

The best solution is to convert by name, with no spaces or special characters in their name ?



@Jedd Any idea about this ?


Thank you for your patience.

The id here refers to the id of the RenderMaterial object that was sent, which, like all Speckle objects has its Id calculated as a hash of the json object data. Because its just a hash, it will remain constant assuming the properties have not changed. If you update the material’s name/colour/PBR properties, the Id will change.

You can view this id in the speckle web, by selecting a geometry object, and finding its renderMaterial property (it may be nested under a displayValue list).

Does this answer your question?

On the topic of whitespace characters in the material name.
I need to investigate this a little more. But I think we could change the connector’s behaviour to remove or replace whitespace characters (e.g. with an _) from material names.
I’m guessing that would be a more ideal solution for you?

First of all a big thank for you, I see more clearly now.

I already saw that we could access the material ids in the web page.

On the other hand, what you showed in the YouTube tutorial and this list of IDs/Material names no longer exists, is that right?

As ids change between projects and are likely to change between versions, exchanging by names is more efficient and sustainable.

The idea of ​​replacing whitespace and special characters with a (_) is very great !
It will be easier to work on several projects and several versions that share the same materials.