MasterClass: Become a Speckle Power User

MasterClass: Become a Speckle Power User

We had the pleasure of giving a masterclass on how to “Become a Speckle Power User” at Thornton Tomasetti’s AECTech event in November of last year. Just like the previous year, we taught a 3-hour long Morning Only masterclass.

The previous year was more technical in nature and centered around the Speckle API. If you’re interested in learning more about last year’s event, you can check out our previous blog post👇.
AEC Tech Masterclass: building your first full stack Speckle web application

This year’s event was more focused on the fundamentals of becoming a Speckle power user, with a particular emphasis on using Speckle in day-to-day workflows. We went over the basics:

  • What is Speckle
  • Setting up an account
  • Installing Manager
  • Installing connectors

Then we dived straight into the workflows:

  • Revit to Rhino and back
  • Grasshopper to BIM (and Dynamo💜)
  • Speckle for ArchViz (Blender🧡)
  • Speckle for DataViz (PowerBI💛 & PowerPoint❤)

Workshop Handout :page_facing_up:

Masterclass Recording📺

If you missed this Masterclass live, you can watch the entire recording on Youtube👇.


Have not yet watched the Video beside first 9 minutes
(because of strange Youtube loading issues on my old iPad)
But it is still an open Safari Window on my desktop !

Especially interested in better overview about

  • What is Speckle
  • Speckle for ArchViz (Blender🧡)

Of course also how far goes Exchange in Detail, by the example of

  • Revit to Rhino and back
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