Looking for Speckle data for research purposes! (machine learning)

Hello Speckle community!

I’m in the middle of my Msc thesis process and I’m planning to develop a new and improved way of comparing Speckle streams.
The comparison will be using machine learning for which I need training data.
This is why I’d like to ask the community: Would you mind sending me some of your public Speckle streams so I can use that data?
This way your Speckle data will be applied to improve tools in the Speckle ecosystem, how cool is that!
The only real requirement is that the geometry in the stream shows a building design.
In case anyone is concerned: I will not be looking at the data directly and only use it to train the machine learning model.
Feel free to post here or send me a private message for additional info.



Pinging a few people that have or will use Speckle in an academic context and might be able to help!
@AlanRynne @pauldotnet @TomSvilans @jun.wangsemantic