Long waiting period when receiving in SketchUp

Hi all,

I’m coming across an issue where receiving Revit geometry takes extremely long time. (About an hour or 2). I have a fast internet connection and the Revit model is not that big. I’m wondering if this issue is being looked at or if there will ever be a solution for it.

Thank you in advance for your great dedication. I love the tool and wanted to make sure this issue does not keep us from using it.

Hey! We can definitely look at it; performance is something dear to us. Can you tell us a few things:

  • which server you’re using
  • connector version
  • Revit version
  • geographic region (latency sometimes bites!!!)

Lastly, usually we can really speed up our fix if you can share privately the model that’s causing the issue. We’re mostly out of office hours now, but the team might follow up tomorrow!

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Hi Dimitrie,

  • I’m using the server offered by Speckle.
  • the connector version currently is 2.16.0
  • Revit Version 2022
  • I’m located in San Jose, California.

As I have gathered, others in my firm are having the same issue with different Revit models. I haven’t tested other programs but the process of sending only takes a couple of minutes; but receiving it in Sketchup just takes way too long. I will share the model privately.

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Hey Payman,

We have tested the file you shared, and as you said, it is taking too long to receive. We will investigate further and keep you informed of any findings.

Thank you Bilal. I have tested the same model with Blender and the process didn’t take anytime at all. i think the issue is how Sketchup receives the geometry.

Yes, exactly. SketchUp as a 3D software has a unique behavior. We’re doing some processing to make the received geometry fit SketchUp’s liking. We suspect it’s this processing that’s taking way too long to receive big models. We’ll look into it and hopefully try to include a fix in the coming release.


Hey @Payman_Salehishafa ,

Thanks for sharing the SketchUp file.

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve made some amazing improvements to our SketchUp connector, which means that you can now enjoy speeds that are 5 to 50 times faster :rocket: - depending on the model.

I have tested with your model and now receive times are much better :tada:. To start experiencing the benefits of this new update, simply download the latest version using Manager. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us!