Login doesn't popup in GH

I’m to be regarded as the highest level newbie here now, so sorry if lame.
Downloaded and run specklerhino.rhi and from what I can figure I don’t have to add files to the special components folder? Or should I download from food4Rhino as well and unblock all dll’s in their own folder in the special comps folder?
Anyway, when I fire up GH/Rhino I can drag the components out on canvas, but no login window pops up. As stated, surely a rookie mistake, but would be very honored if someone could point me in the right direction.

This is wierd! We usually like to blame old newtonsoft.json DLLs coming from other gh plugins you might have installed. To check, remove all of them besides the one speckle comes bundled with.

Another try would be to check if the rhino plugin works - you need to enable it by right clicking on the tabs next to layers and selecting “speckle”.

I will sign off for the night, but do let me know how it goes…