Lock camera position during model adding / updating

Hey, in the new viewer, adding, updating and diffing models seems to re-trigger a camera move to view all, while removing a model doesn’t. We’ve got a use case where we’d like the viewer to be on a big screen and iterate through a series of designs - from a fixed angle - is it possible for there to be a flag that changes the camera behaviour not to refresh?

Hi Chris. That’s a good point. We agree it would be a better experience to not refresh the camera position when adding/updating/diffing model versions, so we’re just gonna make that the default instead of introducing it as an option. We’ll write here when it’s live!


Hey @chris.welch. The camera now stays in the same position when diffing. Give it a try! It still resets when you add a model though but we will consider updating that too. Don’t know about that yet, will report back.


Thanks Ben that’s far smoother, working really well. Also totally understanding that adding is a whole different ball game as the project extents could change dramatically. There are other cases where I might also want to prevent automatic camera movement, like after clicking a named view for example to prevent accidental moving off of a framed shot when adjusting the time of day for example.

We’ll look into this too. As with all of these I’d like to find the best default behaviour instead of surfacing it as an option to users.

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