Localization support (Simplified Chinese)

Speckle is a very good website, and we hope to design and share our ideas on it. However, the website does not have the option to choose a language, and the text translated by the browser deviates from professional terminology. Therefore, can Speckle support Simplified Chinese and more languages? I hope Speckle can support it.

//The above content was translated using translation software, haha……

Hi @mancheng, welcome to the forum! Supporting multiple languages has come up in the past, and there are plugins that help with this (in theory).

We would definitively need support in translating things though! I see you’re brave to try speckle anyway, but how many of your colleagues are put off by lack of support?

Hi @dimitrie ,Thank you for your reply!

Generally speaking, our colleagues have no problems with language, as we have all studied English. Even if fluent communication is not possible, there are no major obstacles to reading. Our main starting point of demand is to deliver 3D models to our customers. These clients, some of whom hope to build new houses for their families, and some are workers responsible for specific construction. Their common characteristic is that they do not like to read obscure 2D drawings. The 3D visualization model will help them perceive the details of the building more vividly, making it more convenient and accurate for construction.