Loading Components to CSI (SAP & ETABs)

  • Objective:

I’m trying to run through the example video on GH to CSI but with my own example model. I got nearly to the end but loading is not working for me for some reason.

  • Issue:

I seem to have done all the instructions correctly but nothing shows up in SAP2000 or ETABs, no load case, no load pattern, no load assignments from the inputs I have.

  • Example:

  • Speckle link:


Hey @Tushar_Nagananda,

Looking at the commit that you shared, it’s no surprise that you didn’t see any loads populate in ETABS.

As you can see everything in your “Model” object has a value except for loads. I’m not really a GH user so I’m not sure how to go about fixing this on the GH side. Do you have any idea why this value is sending as null?