Les surfaces sinder de revit ne sont pas reconu lors de la reception de donné de revit dans un autre logiciel blender ou sketchup par exemple

Since I started using Speckle, I’ve noticed that any edits made to the model with the “split face” tool are not supported by the Speckle connector. I use the “split face” tool a lot to, for example, put two colors on a single face of a wall.

  • Goal: My goal is to be able to receive sinder surface data from Revit into another software (Blender or sketchup).

  • Problem: I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, I don’t know anything about programming. If it’s not supported yet, I hope it will be soon, as this is the only issue stopping me from using Speckle regularly.

Here are images of the tool I’m talking about in Revit:

Here is the image before sending:

Here is the image in the Edge browser:

And here is the image in Sketchup after receiving the data:

I also notice that fascia boards are not supported:

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Hey Arthur,

Great to see you again! Unfortunately, the Split Face tool is not supported at the moment. I’ve created a ticket for this issue so we can look into it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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Merci pour votre réaction. Je continuerai à signaler les problèmes rencontrés afin d’améliorer l’outil.

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