Layers not showing correctly in speckle viewer

hi, I am having an issue viewing object meshes with same geometry purposefully put on separate layers.

one layer ‘zones’ denoting the sufaces to a zone and one layer for surfaces and a another for windows

the zones layer is showing fine and but the other layers ticked to visible are not showing:

zones layer turned off but other layers which are on are not showing:


ideally what i want is when i turn the zones layer it should look like this when i turn off the zone layer:

i have tried 2 approaches regarding layers below which both have the same result, don’t know if that makes a difference

some other information that may be of use

there are
120 objects in the zone layer
2 in openings layer
84 in surfaces

206 objects with 3 layers

206 objects with 206 layers

ok sorted this please ignore and delete. it was a stupid scaling issue on my side

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I was just hacking looking at this, and by the love of ${deity}, it looked proper! Happy to see it got sorted…

And as a thing, I would stay away from actual stream layers as much as possible - they’re useful when sending or receiving things in grasshopper/rhino/dynamo, but a massive PITA otherwise.

That extra classification you had could be sorted via an extra per-object property, say GBXML_Type="opening" / "surface" / "zone";. Maybe this makes your life easier, maybe not :smiley: