Latest commit for each branch in a single Power BI dataset

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I am new to Speckle and trying to figure out if it is theoretically possible to use the current PowerBI connector out-of-the box to display several options (branches of a single stream) use a single Power BI 3D visual. The table data would have a branch id (or name) that we can filter/slice on to switch from one option to another.
When passing the stream url, it seems like only the latest commit is fetched.
I undertand that I could target a specific branch by passing the branch url, but not sure how to get the latest commit of each branch, or if it is even supported.

Thanks for any insight.
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Hey @oli ,

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Yes, it is possible to switch between multiple models. However, there is a small bug that needs to be fixed in order to provide a smooth experience. Currently, when you switch between models, a ghost preview of the previous model remains visible. This disappears only when you refresh the visual. We are working on fixing this issue.

Thanks for your answer @gokermu
Could you elaborate on what Url to use in PowerBI and how to load and discrimate the several branches/models in the PowerBI dataset?
And thanks for the head-up on Power BI visual refresh bug.

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Hey Oli,

You can create multiple models (branches) to switch between different design options. Each model contains the version history, so you can always get the latest version if you use the model URLs.

This is more of a Power BI question. There are multiple ways you can achieve this. One way is using Power BI parameters. Parameters - Power Query | Microsoft Learn

Let me know if this helps.