JSON Schema used in speckle

where do I find information on the JSON schemas used in speckle ?

Hi @jim100, welcome to the speckle forum! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay. There’s several ways to answer your question:

1.0 API docs are here. They include some of the (potentially out-of-date!) geometry object schemas that are part of the CoreGeometry Speckle Kit. That’s not too cool - i know - but since Speckle’s schema agnostic we have to put up with it.

2.0 discussion on kits is here. It lays the ground a bit better on what to expect. If you’re new to kits, reading the 1.0 docs on them might be helpful. There’s this post that explains a bit the motivation behind the approach..

We have a few plans on how 2.0 will “officialise” schemas in a more generic way, but it’s not yet time for them.

So - this is a complete answer! If you have a more specific use case in mind - such as writing a viewer, or a convertor, etc. I’ll try and be more helpful and specific with what you’d need to grok to get rolling.