Jr. Product Manager - Speckle @ Arup

Hi all!

At Arup, we deploy, support and develop Speckle for our design teams all around the world. We are looking for someone to join our Speckle@Arup team as a Jr. Product Manager.

If you are an architect or engineer who wants to learn about software product leadership or if you have some experience in product management and want to learn about the architecture and engineering industry, this role is perfect for you!!

The heart of this job is connecting with the design teams who use Speckle to understand how we can make Speckle an indispensable tool for deliverying the world’s most complex, creative and sustainable projects. You’ll be working closely with me and @jenessa.man to design and prioritize how we contribute to Speckle.

This role is based either in the UK or Canada, with the possiblity to work in an Arup office or remotely (or a mix of both!)


Love seeing this here, we should open a jobs category soon!

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