Issues with payload

Hi Team,

We’re experiencing a processing issue with a tool we’ve built on top of Speckle (Arup Carbon). Speckle seems to be having issues with us hitting the maximum payload size, despite us reducing chunk size to a minimum. Issue has only recently arisen. Is there something new that could have resulted in this? Any easy fixes out there?

Screenshot below showing object load failure if useful…

Hey Tom,

is this issue happening on Hestia or any other?

Hi Matteo,

It was impacting across all our servers + hestia. However, today it seems to magically fixed itself. Might be a network issue and so not directly related to Speckle which is good news. We may need to reduce our payload down in readiness of it happening again which is a slight bummer.


Alight, let’s keep an eye on it and try to figure out if it was because of network issues or payload size.
Might as well have been the VPN if you were using one.


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