Isses with attached walls in Revit

Hey guys! Im having some problems receiving data from speckle into Revit (from a Revit file). It seems that the ‘attach top/base’ function (wall to roof) is not working when receiving and the ceiling is a bit far way up from the reference position.

Hey @Oswaldo_Hernandez,

That’s not good. Thanks for reporting this issue to us. Would you be able to share the problematic commit with me so I can try to reproduce the issue on my end? If you don’t want to share the whole commit then you could probably just send a commit with the roof, ceiling, and at least one wall.

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Hey Connor. Thanks man!

Have a question. Is it enough to share the commit with the link below, right? I have no problem to invite u on the stream if it easier for you.


The problem I described above is when you use the “DefaultMetric template”. However, when you use the “architectural template” and bring the data from speckle, kind of generic pipes are created as well.

Issue 2 - Room = Also, while trying to send rooms from Revit to Speckle, they overlap the ceiling/Floor on the speckle viewer. Speckle

Rooms overlaping

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Second one is not really an issue tho. Rooms are basically 3D extrusions in Revit. Revit does hide them in 3D view. That’s why you don’t see them. If you want your Rooms to be aligned with the slope of your roof, then you should change the Room Calculation method in Revit.

Hi there,
I have a similar issue with connected walls.
I have reproduced the issue in the following stream, which consists of the simplest use case I could come up with to illustrate the issue: 4 walls connected to one roof.

When trying to import the stream in a blank project, walls and roof are not imported (tested with Revit plugin in revit 2021 and 2022).

how to reproduce the issue:
Create a blank architectural project, in the revit speckle plugin, specify the stream above, then pull it in the project (receive)

What happens:
In both versions (2021 and 2022) the unconnected walls briefly appear, then they disappear.
No error message is displayed.

What should happen:
four walls connected to a roof should appear in the project

Thank you in advance for your help.