Isolate function in the viewer

Hi dear Specklers,

once using the isolate function of the filter in the viewer of FE2 I had the urge to change the type (see screenshot below) and could not directly by clicking on another filter result. I had to deactivate the isolate and isolate another type.

When using for example BIMcollab Zoom Smartviews with list one could just select the line and only those objects are shown. By hitting another line it shows the other objects.

Like this … ignore the Dutch it was the first video I directly found.

You can also do multiselect by hitting either shift or ctrl (one never knows by heart with this variations)

It is more an itch on my end, but if this itch is something that other users feel too, it might be interesting to implement.

I don’t want to talk about a separate storeys functionality in the viewer again :wink: … okay I want to :wink: … this would offer an approach to navigate faster between storeys via filters until you have it as a function in the FE :slight_smile:.

You can check that with other users @Agi

Additionally, those Smartview rules of BIMcollab might be something to take a look for Speckle too.



Hi @AlexHofbeck,
Thank you, I’ll have a look at this.

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