Is it possible to send IFC files directly to the speckle server?

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently started using speckle with the Revit connector, and I know I can send an IFC file that I open with Revit to the speckle server.

In my case, I’m interested in the functionality of opening this file on a webpage, just like it happens when I open my file with Revit and I send it to the speckle server. It generates a webpage link where I can see my IFC file on the internet.

However, since I’m not editing or doing anything with this file on Revit, I’ve started wondering if it’s possible to communicate with the speckle server directly programmatically (just so I don’t rely on opening Revit to send the file to the server). The main goal would be sending different files to the server automatically and generating a webpage link for each one of them. This is a conceptual doubt, is it possible to do? Can I send IFC files directly to the speckle server? What would be the general procedure for accomplishing that?

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Hi @Ramuyko, and welcome to the community!

Revit file automation unfortunately is not easily done, as we can’t really parse them server side. We could look into doing this via the BimRv SDK | Open Design Alliance, and then open up an endpoint like we did for IFC.

Speaking of which, IFC parsing directly by the server is doable right now, albeit in an alpha stage. Do you want access to our test server, where you can benchmark this and let us know what works and what doesn’t, so we can make it better?

See Speckle IFC Import Alpha Release + Example import result:

You’d be able to do this programatically too.