Is it possible to remove the color filter for a specific group of objects?


I am wondering if it’s possible to remove/reset color filters with the Viewer API using Vue. I’ve applied a color to a specific group of objects and now I am not sure how to remove that specific or all color filters without resetting all the filters.

I’ve used “setUserObjectColors()” to apply the color filters. Now I’d like to reset the color filters without using “resetFilters()” since this would reset all the filters. It would be even better if I was able to remove the color filter of a given group of objects. Is there a way to do either one of those two?

The alternative would be saving the filterState to re-apply it without the color-filters after using “resetFilters()”. But I thought I’d ask you guys if there is a better a way first :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @aDevRef

Visually, you could use setUserObjectColors() with a solid white on the objects you want to make them appear as they’re original colors. However, this wouldn’t technically remove the filter.

Alternatively, you could do like you youself suggested and re-apply a saved filter state without the objects you want to remove the filters for