Is it possible to push electrical circuit data to my stream?

Hi all,

What should I do to get around this error seen below? Any way of getting it on the stream?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @mharv ,

I’m not really sure about the first error; we need to look into it.
Regarding the second, it sounds like MEP objects without visible geometry are not currently supported; we need to change this and send them anyways.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do at this stage, but we’re planning to improve the current support for MEP elements in our next release, and we’ll definitely look at these.

Any chance you could please share a sample model with us?
Also, could you please explain what workflow you were trying to achieve here?

Hey @teocomi,

Ah ok, thats no good. we will have to go with an alternate apporach. We were trying to generate Electrical schedules in a web application.

@blip2 Do we have any examples that we can share with Matteo?

I can’t share that model but any model with electrical families circuited to a board exhibits the same problem. The “Electrical Circuits” category just doesn’t do anything (they’re all non-geometric links)

As Mitch stated, this is still valuable design data we’re trying to extract. Back to CSV exports from schedules for now!

Thank you both, we’ve logged this internally!

Would love to work together with Arup to add support for electrical circuit data and avoid the pain of parsing CSVs :slight_smile:

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BTW @mharv @blip2, you can probably use dynamo as a workaround to send the electrical circuit data to Speckle in the meantime!

Hi Speckle team, this link has an example file with circuits, hope it helps for a future feature!