Interop package not defined

Anyone else ran into this?


It also looks like my js editor complains about it missing:


It gets flagged as unresolved variable. Any ideas are welcome.

Interop is injected by cefsharp and is a shared object between .net and js. Not sure where this is happening, but if it’s in a browser, it’s fine.

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That’s the thing. It’s not happening in the Browser, but now that I know what it is, and where it should come from, I can perhaps debug it.


Ps. I pulled the SpeckleRevit and loaded that up, but it looks like the CefSharp browser is not implemented properly there if I am getting this error. Since it works on Rhino side, I will test this out there, to see if it can be remedied.

:+1: Okay. I think @luis was the one who hacked the beginnings on the interop side, he’s pinged now and you can holler at him too. But i do remember from our discussions that it was a very fast hack to just see if the global cefsharp approach can be valid in revit.

Ah! I see what was going on. This was just a bare bones test implemented by @luis to see if the CefSharp can even be used in Revit. There was no logic for the Interop. Once I copied the basic implementation of that class over from Rhino it allows me to login into my server:


Onwards and upwards from here! Cheers!