Integrating Speckle into a Revit Plugin


how could we integrate Speckle into a Revit plugin? Let me explain you the process.

  1. We have created a plugin in C# for Revit to get some reports for CO2 analysis that are stored in a folder. The idea would be that when you click the submit button in the plugin you generate automatically a stream in Speckle.

  2. Afterwards the stream would be integrated in PowerBI to incorporate the visualization of the Revit file in the PowerBI dashboard. Obviously, this is going to be done manually, because it will be difficult to predict how the people using PowerBI want to display the visual of the project.

Is there some sort of tutorial or guide that we could follow?

I have managed to do the whole “manual” process with your tutorials and it works as a charm, but automating the stream generation would be extremely helpful. Specially, if it could be done without users having to edit the settings in the Speckle menu in Revit.

I know the topic may be very broad, but any suggestion or help would be more than welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hey Fernando,

It depends on the level of coupling you’re looking for.

Option 1: custom plugin
You develop your own plugin and use our .NET SDK to handle stream creation, uploading etc. Please note you’ll need to take care of conversion yourself if using this option. You can take inspiration or use our converters.

Option 2: fork our connector

Our Revit Connector is open source: GitHub - specklesystems/speckle-sharp: .NET SDK, Schema and Connectors: Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo, ETABS, AutoCAD, Civil3D & more. you can fork and make all the modifications you want.

NOTE: with both options above, you need to keep in mind that if a user has Speckle installed, they might incur conflicts.

Option 3: use the out of the box Connector
Use the connector as-is and add your customization further down the line, before data reaches PowerBI. This is what Gaiup are doing.

Let us know how it goes!


Hi Matteo,

thank you so much for your answer. I will definitely look into the three options.

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