Integrating a 3D model imported into Power BI with another dataset

Hello, everyone, I’m new to Speckle and I’d like to talk about a problem I’m experiencing. I’m working on an educational project, and I obtained a 3D model of a shoe brand from SketchUp and imported it into Power BI. This gave me two datasets, and I want to visually map the shoe’s sole to the ‘At Risk’ segment in my dataset and the upper part to the ‘Champions’ segment. However, I’m struggling to integrate this 3D model into my dataset. Do you have any resources or advice on how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance.


Merhaba @Fatmanur ,

It’s great to see you again! Could you please share the URL of the Speckle model with us? You can share it here or send us a DM if it’s confidential. Providing the Speckle model link will help us better understand what you are experiencing.

of course, Speckle

I received your data and checked out the 3D Visual. It seems like we’re not doing a great job of visualizing SketchUp geometry. I created a ticket for this issue. Thanks for reporting it to us, we really appreciate your help! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the progress.


Thank you, I’ll be waiting for the news :innocent: