Installs show error EBUSY

We have a user who has Speckle Manager installed but cant install any of the plugins within it, they all giv ean error “EBUSY”. We have tried complete uninstall of the manager reboot then reinstall, no luck.

Our Antivirus is Bitdefender, however we have a number of other users with this and the same settings but it runs fine for them.

Any advice on what could be causing it?

Hi @jd_8761 ,

Thanks for reporting this issue. A few others have encountered it in the past, but we have not been able to track down what causes it.

Is this user’s machine configuration the same as your other users? Or does it have any other group policy / setup?

They should be able to install each connector manually via the direct download links available here:

Thanks we did this and it does let them install it this way (so a work around for now). The config & policies of the devices are the same. The spec of machines are different but all intel processors and same make (Dell).

Will keep an eye out for any updates on this going forward.

UPDATE: we have a new Manager that hopefully will work for you now: