Installing the Manager

It seems to me that the Manager installer is very hard to find and download. This makes it difficult for me to request it be added to our corporate software store. ATM I can’t even find the installer …

Please give me a linkand think about whether it should be easier to find. I assume it asks anyway after install for an account, so if it’s behind the the ‘create user’ web interface then maybe that’s a bit unnecessary.

Hey @DuncanNZ, we agree. Onboarding is a bit of a pain right now, and we hope to ease that as we get out of summer.

A direct link to manager can always be found here: The latest version of the installer can always be accessed from:

If you need direct installers for other applications, those can be found as well from the releases page linked first in this post. Let us know if this helps!

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Yes it is a bit hard. This is the way I follow to access the Manager setup.


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Couldn’t we just have a big button as the first “Connector” with a text saying it can manage downloading all the available connectors?

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