Installation problem: "Error: spawn EBUSY"

Hi there - when trying to install the Grasshopper Connector on my work PC (Windows 10 pro) using Speckle Manager 2.1.11 I get the follwing error message:

Unknown error: Error: spawn EBUSY

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks,

Hi Matthew,
This sounds like an antivirus might be preventing Manager form installing the connector… Could you check?

Hi Matteo - yep, that seems to have been the problem. After I temporarily uninstalled our Anti-Virus software Speckle Manager was able to install the Grasshopper connector. Many thanks! Matthew

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Let us know if you need some additional information on files/folders to whitelist etc and we can work something out together. We wouldn’t want you to have to disable the AV everytime!

I am running into the same issue. I was able to install the ETABS connector, but, not the Rhino or Grasshopper connectors. Is there a different workaround for this issue? Disabling AV isn’t an option for me as it is controlled by our IT.

Hi @sridhar , the best solution would be to ask IT to mark Manager as a safe application inside your AV software. Also, which one is it?

We’re happy to chat with them as well if this can help!

It is SentinelOne. I will check with our IT to see what their recommendation would be.

I have this same issue, but have no AV software on my machine
was able to install rhino connector but not blender or grasshopper connector.
maybe related to AWS outage today?

Hey @Christopher_Hansen ,

Sorry I had missed your message. Are you still experiencing this issue?

As a fallback, we’ve just published this page, and from there you’ll be able to manually install each connector:

Please keep in mind that Manager is still needed to log into your Speckle account/s.

I had the same issue. IT uses SentinelOne. By finding the .exe it downloads to the temp folder I was able to manually install from there.

Thanks for the message @GPnmulder !
We have recently made a releases page from which you can download and manually install each connector, exactly to support situations like yours:

Please note you’ll still need to have Manager installed so that you can log into your speckle account/s.

UPDATE: we have a new Manager that hopefully will work for you now: