Installation problem: "Error: spawn EBUSY"

Hi there - when trying to install the Grasshopper Connector on my work PC (Windows 10 pro) using Speckle Manager 2.1.11 I get the follwing error message:

Unknown error: Error: spawn EBUSY

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks,

Hi Matthew,
This sounds like an antivirus might be preventing Manager form installing the connector… Could you check?

Hi Matteo - yep, that seems to have been the problem. After I temporarily uninstalled our Anti-Virus software Speckle Manager was able to install the Grasshopper connector. Many thanks! Matthew

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Let us know if you need some additional information on files/folders to whitelist etc and we can work something out together. We wouldn’t want you to have to disable the AV everytime!

I am running into the same issue. I was able to install the ETABS connector, but, not the Rhino or Grasshopper connectors. Is there a different workaround for this issue? Disabling AV isn’t an option for me as it is controlled by our IT.

Hi @sridhar , the best solution would be to ask IT to mark Manager as a safe application inside your AV software. Also, which one is it?

We’re happy to chat with them as well if this can help!

It is SentinelOne. I will check with our IT to see what their recommendation would be.