Information model Speckle vs software


So I am looking at the information model of speckle, and thinking about integration in our processes, and ability to track elements throughout the project lifecycle.
now, I have 2 questions (and many more to follow):

  • how are objects, received in a different application, matched to the original one on send/receive?
  • are there agreements/standards in how parameters should be received in different software?

Speckle is about connectivity between applications and smooth data exchange that enables a productive collaboration between project teams. When a connector receives objects, the update function checks for IDs but objects IDs are not stable and can change as you work on your models. Currently, there are no consistent global IDs for all objects that would allow elements tracking elements through years of project lifecycle. I hope this is not a blocker to use Speckle on your projects.

When it comes to standards, we don’t pick sides and it’s up to you how you want to BIM-manage your projects. Speckle provides tools and infrastructure to share data and parameters between applications.