[Industry-Construction] InterOp - CATIA/PDMS connectors dev

Hello Speckle Community,

This thread targets Energy-Construction InterOperability.

It targets specifically the eventuality/idea of connectors development for:
CATIA (3DS-Dassault Systèmes).

Such, due to the :

  • lack of interoperable means (aside sporadic intermediary formats useable for model federation)
  • considerable amount of users active the (2) Sectors.

Current developments have brought the Energy sector
on the frontline of the current generation’s sustainable development/ transformation effort.
Within it, The Construction Sector is an integral, intrinsic part of the solution.

Hereby happy to further exchange in case the idea seems relevant.

Yours sincerely,
Enea KOTSA, BIM/ Civil Engineer on an Energy project.

PS : Needless stating the importance of this melting pot community & effort, meticoulously co-erected by Dimitrie & Matteo. Gratitude.

Tekla tagged as per major CW soft used.

Hey @EnKO welcome to our forum!

Thanks for the suggestions, it’s actually the first time CATIA and PDMS have been suggested, we have quite a list of connectors in our backlog but will definitely add these as well!

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