Incomplete Revit information in Power BI

I was doing some exercises with versions 2.17 and 2.18 and I found that when loading the speckle link in Power BI within Power Query, I cannot see all the information or data of the 3D models.
Has it happened to anyone else or is it a procedural error.

Example for Revit

Ejemplo de Revit.pbix (1.9 MB)

I repeat, I have loaded the model but I cannot see all the information in the revit file.
What would it be due to?

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Hey @DanielSS ,

We store all relevant information in data key. What’s the information you are trying to access that’s missing?

Btw, have you seen this tutorial that explains how to access Revit parameters in Power BI?

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Thank you very much, I was indeed missing a few steps. Revit data can now be viewed