Include ACIS definition of geometry in commit and include type of geometry as property

Transfering information between AutoCAD/C3D and RVT is always been a challenge.
Right now, for transfering geometry (e.g. solids), a BREP containing meshes is composed. The problem here is that usually, the geometry speckle type is also ‘Mesh’ and thus, we do not know anymore if it was supposed to be a solid or a mesh.

The problem here is that when transferring geometry from 1 application to the other, the geometry is changed and when cutting this elements, it is not possible anymore to have a hatch on these geometryobjects anymore. now, adding the ACIS Solid definition of the objects, we can easily transfer it to either a solid in AutoCAD/Civil3D or a DirectShape (or FreeForm element inside a RVT instance) that is usable as a BIM object again. Keep in mind though that the ACIS definition of the solid is usually on coordinates. Currently we created this functionality on our own using basic translations of Dynamo itself and export-import SAT (and a JSON indexer with properties) to serve our needs…

Would love to hear your ideas about this!

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