Impossible to launch Speckle connector on Sketchup

Hi all,

I just downloaded the Speckle connector for Sketchup as I want to give it a try but it I haven’t been able to start the connector. I installed it from the manager and the blue icon appears, but when I click on it nothing happens. Another option that I tried was to install it in a previous version of Sketchup 2021 as I read the connector was built for that version, but still I wasn’t able to start it. Any idea about why is happening that?


Hi @Jose_Zaragoza,

I need some information from you, can you share with me screenshots on plugin folder of Sketchup for both 2021-2022. It is found in C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 20xx/SketchUp/Plugins

And also wondering your user name includes any non-ascii characters?

And last but not least, can you open Ruby Console via the Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console before running Speckle via blue icon, and see what kind of error message you getting.


Hi Oğuzhan,

See below the screenshots:

Regarding the user name, it doesn’t include any non-ascii characters.

As for the Ruby console, see also a screenshot below:



Hey @Jose_Zaragoza,

We released 2.11.1-rc1 for Sketchup connector. Can you try with that?

Hey @Jose_Zaragoza, @gokermu,

Release candidate tested and deploying 2.11.1 now.


Nice guys, it works!

Thank you very much for solving it so fast

Enjoy your day!



So glad you reported this invisible problem from our end.
Hope you enjoy with new features!