Import Pressure network to Revit

Hello Everyone, I hope in the future, this speckle can import Pressure network to revit, thank you very much everyone


Heya @Maesha_Sandewa, welcome to the forum (feel free to introduce yourself if you want to, we’re always curious how people use speckle)!

It would help us a bit if you could let us know:

  • where do you want to import the pressure network into revit from? is it civil3d?
  • what is a pressure network :sweat_smile: ? (we’re low on in-house civil infrastructure know-how)
  • a sample file of a pressure network would help us immensely.

Thanks for flagging this up!

Hi @Maesha_Sandewa ,

Yes we can add this on the conversion to-do list for C3D! Should be relatively quick to add pressure pipe support :slight_smile:

Tracked here → civil3d: laundry list of conversion improvements · Issue #889 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub