IFC received in Rhino duplicating materials for every element

Hey! Tested this a bit now and the error is gone, im able to receive in both Rhino and GH. One issue that i noticed with the rhino connector: Material instancing seems to be broken. Seems like New materials are being created in rhino for every element: im seeing 11000+ materials in here. Think this might be slowing down the receive aswell, since it seems to take longer then i would expect. Otherwise, modell looking pretty crisp!

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We’ve logged this materials issue internally and are investigating!

Hi @Andrei , could you invite me to the stream with this ifc file uploaded? I’m looking into why so many render materials are being created when receiving in Rhino :slight_smile:

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Fix can be tracked here: fix(rhino): default to using speckle id when creating render materials with no name by clairekuang · Pull Request #2974 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

Should be available with updates to speckle.xyz and the upcoming 2.17 connector release :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!