IFC -> Power bi

Update: I deleted the file that failed an reu-ploaded it and that seems to be working

Hello Friends

Im trying to stream IFC data to Power bi. Im trying to make the 3d visual to work, but also to connect data from another source.

First of all, one of my ifc files wont upload
But i also get a error message when connecting data in power bi: Datails: “The branch ‘main’ does not exist in stream ‘82c8599a95’”

PKV - Speckle

Im pretty sure all of the things are installed in the right place as it seemed to work yesterday.

Anyone got any smart tips to what im doing wrong?

I tried to make a new project with only one file and get this error : The branch ‘main’ in stream 09188e952f has no commits

Viewer - kuk - Speckle

Hey @Thorras ,

Thanks for sharing the Speckle Model URLs with us. I have tried and successfully received them in Power BI. Can you please make sure you are using the latest version of our Power BI connector and trying to receive the Model URL, not Project URL?

I was able to view the 3d model in Power BI just fine.

I feel pretty stupid now ;D The old connector was stored on a onedrive location wich apparently was the path power bi was looking at. It works fine now. Sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for the quick response

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No problem, it happens to best of us.

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