IFC modells wont receive with several connectors i\ve tried. Looks broken

Hello again!

I recently tried uploading a couple of IFC files on here, and while the modell looks great in the speckle viewer. None of the connectors i tried managed to receive:
Grasshopper either gave serialization errors or “received it” but all the output components are empty, cannot get any geometry out of it.
Rhino connector just sais receiving for 2s then completes without actually receiving anything.
Archicad connector opens the websocket then just pauses:

Something seems broken with the way IFC sourced modell interact with the connectors.
Any tips?


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Hey @Andrei :wave:,

Which server are you receiving from? There is a bug in the speckle.xyz which we fixed and are currently testing in latest.speckle.dev. It will make its way into xyz in couple weeks. Can you share the problematic ifc file so I can test it and see if it works on latest?

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All the IFC files are problematic! :)) I tested with 2 diff files, a full blown IFC file and a lighter sketch version and couldnt receive anything from either of them. The actualy IFC modell threw serialization error in GH, while sketch one didnt throw an error but didnt output any geometry.

Im was using a private server for this but i can try it on the speckle.xyz server if you think the results will differ.

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Ok, just tested on latest with Blender connector. I seem to be able to receive it. Can you try receiving below commit?


Hey! I dont have access to that server on my account, can you upload it on xyz?
Alternatively, i’d need an invitation to the dev server to receive the stream


Well, as I said, this fix didn’t make its way into xyz yet. So even if i upload it to there, you’d still get the error.

invite sent.

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Thanks for the invite! Tested this stream with the same connectors i tried on mine and here are the results:

GH stream works well i would say, there is a nested hierarchy of elements that need unpacking and at about level 5 i get the display values for everything along with lots of other IFC params. Some invalid meshes coming through but definitely usable i would say.

Rhino connector actually starts creating the layer structure and then freezes the whole application.

Archicad connector has similar behaviour as live, opens websocket and then the dos window just pauses but doesnt print anything to console after the websocket message. This time though it is constantly refreshing the Archciad viewport and some msg box flashes on screen every 3-4 seconds ( similar to the API operation in progress one from other plugins ) but its too fast for me to read exactly what it is doing.

Hope this helps!

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