IFC Import in Revit is not working

Dear Speckle Team,
I tried to import an ifc file with Speckle into Revit, but all parameters for the components are getting lost during the import and only the geometries are imported. Also, no Revit families are created. Is there a way to import the components including their parameters as a Revit family? Is there also a way for pipe systems to be automatically recognized?

Best regards

Hey @charlotte ,

Our IFC to Revit conversion does not support mapping parameters or creating families. If you’d like to do that, i’d suggest you to do some preprocessing in environment like Grasshopper where you can access all the parameters and geometry.

Thank you very much for the information. Do also you know which preprocessing I need to do exactly?

You need to extract the parameters you are interested in and create new Revit parameters to relevant objects. You can fully customize your object structure in Grasshopper. I suggest starting from there.