Identifying Company Type and Instance Parameters

  • Objective:

I would like to be able to identify specific company parameters that I want to visualize in PowerBI

  • Issue:

It appears that custom parameters are only identified by a GUID which makes it impossible to filter those I specifically want to visualize. i.e. A concrete column. I want concrete grade and reinforcement rate, which are not OOTB parameters.

  • Example: See attached


I can see that I can use the viewer to get the GUID for the parameter I am interested in.

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Hey @BIM_Wash ,

I can feel the pain, but I have some good news. We’ve recently added a new method called “ToNameValueRecord” to the Speckle namespace in Power BI, which makes working with Revit parameters a lot easier. To help you out, I’ve included a video link below👇 that covers various ways of extracting Revit parameters. You can jump straight to the part where we discuss the new method using the timestamp provided.

Let me know if you have any questions!