I need help with Pipe conversion errors


Pipe type not found; replaced with Hydronic Supply
The input point lies outside of Revit design limits.
Parameter name: origin

Hi @JPA, and welcome to the community! If you feel like it, introductions are welcome!

Unsure if this is a known bug or not, but what usually helps us (by us I mean @clrkng, @connor or @teocomi) debug is a sample file in the original units, and/or a point to the stream itself!

Heya, this error is indicating the original pipe was located too far away from the origin point to be receivable in Revit. This is a common issue and is unfortunately due to Revit’s document constraints.

You can try moving the original pipe close to the (I’m assuming) Civil3D file origin before sending, or set the Revit document survey point close to the civil3d pipe and set your Receive settings to use the survey point to see if that works!