I need help with...how to make frontend service sucessfully with bitnami/openresty

when i exec docker-compose with the docker-compose-speckle.yml, the frontend service is not successfull make up. my os is win10 pro,and the docker app is docker desktop with wsl2.
the log just like this :
2023-03-04 15:28:13 exec /opt/bitnami/openresty/nginx/docker-entrypoint.sh: no such file or directory

Hi @leeneo! You’ll need to wait for @gjedlicska and/or @iainsproat to come back on Monday for a complete answer.

If you’re willing to try developing locally, i recently did a yarn dev:docker:up on the same setup as yours (docker on wls2, but win 11, not 10) and things worked out smoothly.

Do note, you will need to then run the server and frontend manually - that would be yarn build:public in case you didn’t run it before, and thereafter yarn dev:minimal - this will start the server and frontend. Things should be available at localhost:3001.

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Hi @leeneo

Can you confirm what version of the docker-frontend image you are trying to run? (or copy & paste your docker-compose-speckle.yml)

If it is speckle/speckle-frontend:local, then this local version is built on your machine. Can you confirm what build instructions you are following, or scripts you are running?


I suppose the file docker-entrypoint.sh uses crlf[windows] newlines.change it to lf,then it worked


Great that you found the root cause of this issue @leeneo :raised_hands:

We had another developer report a different error message but which had the same root cause. I have recorded your symptoms in the same GitHub issue, which should help others discover this in the future if they experience a similar symptom: Bug: cannot run docker images built on Windows - `crlf` instead of `lf` at end of line in Dockerfile · Issue #916 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub

As it is caused by the local development environment (either the git config, or IDE configuration) converting LF to CRLF, we won’t make changes to the project source code and would expect the local environment to put in place a custom configuration override where necessary. We could add a note to our documentation to make this information easier to find - where would have been the best place for you to have found a note about this?

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