I need help in DesktopUI2 when creating MainWindowViewModel

I want to develop my own Connector using DesktopUI2. But the Class MainWindowViewModel is not regonized. Could you please check that! Thank you!


Hello @Sicheng_Zhu,

Welcome to the forum, feel free to introduce yourself.

That’s awesome that you’re are trying to develop your own connector! Which program are you developing it for?

We need a bit more info in order to help you with this issue. If you look at our most updated code for DUI2, you can see that MainWindow implements MainViewModel, not MainWindowViewModel. We used to use a MainWindowViewModel, but we’ve refactored our code a bit. So depending on when you forked our code, MainWindowViewModel not being recognized may be the correct behavior, not an issue.

If you do have an existing MainWindowViewModel then you’ll have to post some code for us to help us see where things are going wrong.


Thank you for your quick answer. I am still learning the Speckle and source code. We have our own tool like an Excel to edit BIM Data. We want to adapt our products to Speckle in order to let the users inspecting and dealing with data efficiently.


@Sicheng_Zhu fantastic news, let us know if we can help!

When working with DUI2, the best way it to look at how various connectors are using it:

It can be launched as a window (Autocad) or as a panel (Revit).
Depending on the integration you are planning, communicating directly with our API might be also an option: