I gave the 500th Star on GitHub

This is an appreciation post for the Speckle-Team

Transferring data between different software applications has been the biggest inertial force that been stopping people in the AEC space from collaborating / sharing data. Speckle is a great way to enable software / application agnostic way to address this issue.

:white_check_mark: People can use software of their choice, team’s choice.
:white_check_mark: It can be self-hosted. Data sensitivity and privacy can be addressed as per requirement(s).
:white_check_mark: It is faster than maintaining multiple copies of the same file, in multiple locations.
:white_check_mark: If you’re a developer, it exposes some great programming standards, and clean code.
:white_check_mark: Oh, it’s also open-source.

Thank you for creating this, and making our lives a tad bit easier.

500 ⭐ on GitHub

I just happened to be the 500th :star: on your GitHub repository. Totally deserve it, great job!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Kaushik LS
Chennai, IN


Thanks @thekaushikls for the praise! The more stars, the better :star_struck:

For anyone else reading this, there’s other repos that deserve a :star2:

Gotta star them 'all!