I cannot select revit elements created by rhino

Why i cannot select revit elements created by rhino

Hey @Life_Dj can you explain a bit more?
Is the line element you cannot select? On what layer is it?

Can you share any sample files for us to reproduce?

Hi @teocomi ,first thanks in advance for any help. I just started using Rhino Inside Revit,I am a beginner… ،However, I cannot select any elements created by rhino in Revit even though they are visible. I tried to see if I can select the line and the cube in Revit and il can 't…I noticed that what I do on Rhino I cannot move it in Revit.
What am I doing wrong here? (i use Revit 2024 and Rhino 7)

Hey @Life_Dj I’m sorry but we cannot provide much support about Rhino Inside, you should try on the Rhino forum instead: https://discourse.mcneel.com/

Maybe that’s just a preview and you need to bake those objects somehow?

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