I am getting blocked by Cloudflare

For some reason I am being blocked from accessing the .xyz server. I have a screenshot and it seems to be linked to my IP address (issued by my USP). How can I find out why this is happening and fix it? If I open my Grasshopper files, because I am not linked it loses all my connections and it takes about 8 hours to reconnect everything (if I use a VPN to change my IP address).

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Hi @PhilSouthwell, can you let us know your IP? We can look things on our end and see what’s happening!

icanhazip.com is a good way to find it out!
Thanks Dimitrie

That IP is from the block notice

Thanks for the speedy reply! We’ve got some ideas of what might be happening. Your IP was sending in the past an unreasonable amount of requests, and it was blocked.

What would be a good time for a call to look together on what might be causing this from your end? We’re quite sure it’s not your fault :slight_smile:

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It may have been from early days of testing where i submitted some large streams (accidentally). I have that in hand now and you can see my stream sizes are very reasonable.
I am very keen to use Speckle to replace a lot of functionality in my Grasshopper/Rhino enterprise structural engineering for yachts plugin.

Call anytime Dimitrie

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Sending a google meet invite your way ASAP :slight_smile:

(Done - check your messages/email!)

I’m having the same problem when trying to reach speckle.xyz through the company VPN.


can you let us know your ip address, with and without vpn? AFAIK earlier there were some issues with the RHDV servers, as local IT blocked cloudflare - this might be unrelated though!

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Thanks Dim! To add a bit more context: another colleague with a similar setup as Joost (working in the same Arup office connected to a docking station) was experiencing the issue as well. While other colleagues with this setup didn’t experience the issue.
Joost was able to connect via the office WiFi. And a mobile hotspot with or without VPN was also working properly.

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I’ve checked cloudflare, and while we do see some firewall alerts (France!) I suspect y’all are not there, so unsure what is going on :upside_down_face:

To double check, which server is this happening on? Also, if easy, any extra context would be helpful (what you were doing before, what you were trying to access, etc.)

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

It happens on https://speckle.xyz/ (it works fine for me)
@JoostGevaert could you share your IP and extra context?