How to use Adaptive Components in Revit


After reading the adaptivecomponent in Revit I got quite excited :).
Although I still have a basic question on the function.

  1. By using this component it becomes possible to ‘live’ update the Revit model based on the Grasshopper model. Meaning if you modify a slider/parameter in GH this change will automatically and directly also modify the geometry in Revit?

  2. It creates an adaptable/parameter within Revit. Meaning you can modify in revit a number, and based on that number the geometry will change (as if it was a parameter in GH)?

Or something in between/different?

If possible would it be possible to send me a small example file?

Many Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Hey @GH007 welcome to the forum, feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 if you’d like.

  1. Our GH connector has an auto mode, if enabled it will send data as your input slider is updated. Although the Revit connector will always require you to click on “Receive”.
  2. Not sure what you mean with “adaptable/parameter” hehe. Adaptive components are Revit families based on point locations, from GH you can easily control these in a parametric way.

You can follow the tutorial below, which has some sample files to get started in a few minutes:

Thank you for the quick reply.
I have read the article. Unfortunately I still dont fully understand the bottom line function of what is does (I am not a Revit expert).
Would it be possible to describe is a few sentises what is does when it is working?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The goal of this component and the other Grasshopper BIM components is to let you create Revit elements from Grasshopper. Since most Revit elements are either point or line-based families each of these components usually takes in some geometry and other parameters required to generate the Revit element.

It might be easier if you could share what you are trying to achieve so that we can better point you in the right direction.