How to Manage Users

@cristi is there a facility to graphically manage users from within the Admin panel of Speckle web Client?

If not, how do you manage passwords, users, etc. post creation?

I’ll provide a scenario: user x is off the project or leaves the company, admins no longer have access to their email (so a rest won’t do any good), but we need to either (a) re-define email address associated with said user, (b) change their password to gain access, and/or (c) delete the user and associated Stream content so as to ‘flush’ it out of the system.

Hi @markcichy, guess what: New features for Speckle server admins. We’re planning to add next spring user deletion and archival too!

Okay, @dimitrie – how can you help me now and not in 6 mo’s? IMHO, this is a critical management feature. Until then, do we have to go through PSQL to change this info? And if yes, are the passwords encrypted within PSQL? I have many questions and an immediate need to do this ‘yesterday.’

Hi @markcichy, we’re doing our best :slight_smile: Being open source means that that you can contribute back the features that are missing for you.

If that’s not up to your liking - we’re not forcing anyone to use Speckle. Passwords are hashed and salted in the db, so you if you want to impersonate a user, you’ll need to use something like this to replace a user’s existing password in the db.


@dimitrie – literally just need to redefine the string in the table and all good?

Hi Mark, yes - that should do it.

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@dimitrie is there any way to resend invites?? Say for instance, if the smtp server is not working properly.

You’ll need to delete the invite entry from the db, and then you’ll be able to resend it before it expires.

And how might one do this is PSQL is running in Docker? I keep getting an error that ‘no existing cluster is suitable’

@cristi @dimitrie it. docker exec gets me there in conjunction with bash but I’m not sure if the invites are under the “users” table or somewhere else.

users table is empty, btw. Which is odd, because there are two active users that have no issues accessing the server.

Any comments as to why the users table would be empty?? Are they stored in another table I’m not aware of?? I’ve been through every single one at this point and none of them seem to possess this data.

Hey Mark, you might be connecting to the wrong database? There might be several ones running inside the same Postgres instance depending on how you deployed things.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, we cannot really do server deployment issues over the forum, as it’s a very unsatisfactory experience for both parties - we have to second guess each other quite a bit. If you want to, reach out via email to schedule a support call with some one from our devops team :slight_smile:

There’s only one active Postgres instance running in Docker and it is showing streams data in the relevant table. Will investigate a little further.

May reach out tomorrow.

So, @dimitrie can confirm that some users are in the postgres db, however those that have been given invites but are having trouble logging in do not exist. I’m unclear as to which table holds the data related to invites in order to clear the rows. If it’s users, something is very wrong.
Perhaps we can investigate, today or Tuesday as you described above?

Screenshot of Table

Screenshot of User from Table

Screenshot of Tables in DB as Generated by Speckle

So there was a bug that we fixed re email case sensitivity in a previous release. This might be at play now.

To resend invites, you can delete them from the server_invites table; alternatively tell the people having problems to try inputting the email exactly as you’ll be able to see it in the invites table.

I thought that might be the case too. So cleared the server_invites table and then allowed Self-Signups. Some users are saying they are now receiving account setup emails and can login. Though others are still having probs. Need to more carefully investigate parameters.

What problems are they actually reporting?


Seems it works for all when ‘Invite-Only’ is OFF. Logs you in on sign-up without issue. No email received though.

When ‘Invite-Only’ mode is ON it sends an email to invited recipient. However, when you click on the link one gets a “Invite email mismatch” error (whether directly from email OR copy/paste in browser). Invite is present in DB and I can categorically confirm that the user is using the correct case and email in all instances.

There’s no confirmation emails being sent on signup, so that’s to be expected.

This is worrying though, even if we can’t reproduce. Can you let us know what version of the server you’re on?