How to get revit schedule data in a web app


I’m attempting to establish a workflow to display Revit schedule data in a frontend interface.

Up to this point, I’ve loaded the stream containing the schedule and attempted filtering using Speckle.Core.Models.Collection["@Schedules"]. However, from my application, I only retrieve the following object: {referencedId: 'b6bc2de8c6e1a8412587e561f8d07d8b', speckle_type: 'reference'}, without accessing the actual data.

I suspect the method to achieve this may differ from loading viewable objects, which might be the step I’m overlooking. If anyone has relevant resources or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate the insight.

regards, Ricardo.

Hola Ricardo!

To get the detached objects I recommend using the object loader library:

You can see how the Excel connector is using it:

Thanks @teocomi ! worked really well to combine revit area schedule info with 3D mass representations!

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