How to add parameters to objects in Grasshopper

Hi Gokermu,

Thanks for the explanation.
It was helpful for me to solve one issue but other issue appears.
I am struggling to define parameters.

  1. I don’t know how the {}bbox is created. Is it normal?
    The new keys and Values are inside bbox instead of indivisual itea as your screen shot image.

  2. there is only one key with on value.
    I would like to have two keys.
    Also the value is wrong
    How can those erros be fixed?

  3. Units is m2 instead of meter.
    how can It be deifned correctly?

  4. There is Volume which i didn’t create.
    Is it automatically created?

Here is my gh script:
keys& (121.3 KB)

This a lot questions but it would be good to have your support.

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Hey @SungBok_Song,

You don’t need to worry about the bbox property. It is auto generated.

afaik, one key can only have one value. If you want to store two values, then you can create a speckle object in which you can store multiple key value pairs.

I’ll look into your code and let you know.

Yes. When sending from Grasshopper, we are sending some auto-generated parameters. Similar to bbox.

Ok, i looked into your code.

As I said, one key can’t have two values. That’s one thing you are doing on your definition. Maybe concatenate them and send it that way.

Another one is that you don’t have to repeat the key by list length. Take a look at the below definition.

Sungbok Extend (44.9 KB)

Just to understand it better, what are you trying to do? Can you explain your use case a bit?

I really appreciate your reply.

My goal is that I am trying to make one workflow from Gh to PowerBI by using Speckle.

There is no Rhino/GH dash in speckle yet.
So I thought if I can make speckle objects in GH with parameters, I can use it in the Power BI as your video (Visualizing Room Data in Power BI - YouTube)
In the video, it is important to have correct parameters.

I hope the image is understandable for you.