How does receive works for walls/slabs etc?

May I ask how is the Receive - Walls, Slabs and Room meant to work?
Do they work only if they are sent from Revit for example?
I am trying to create and send them from Grasshopper and It doesnt work.
For example I am creating a Floor (which is marked as a completed feature) in Speckle2Bim but its being sent as polyline only which doesnt import in Archicad anyway.
By the way I really wish you could receive 2D lines in Archicad, even before anything else.

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I guess send and receive in this table refer to sending ‘from’ Archicad and receiving ‘to’ Archicad. To give you an example:

  • A floor object can be sent from Archicad and received as Floor.



Ohh ok thanks alot! I really thought that its working between different BIM platforms or at least with Rhino and Grasshopper. But eventually you are going towards that direction like the Revit connector is capable of If i understand?

As you know, we just found our Archicad magician. First, we’ll add support for more categories of elements from/to Archicad and eventually, we’ll get to a point where you’ll be able to create from Grasshopper/Rhino etc.


Yes thats true! I am looking forward to that.
You asked me if we can have a chat about my workflow with Archicad?
Or i can just write here in short.
Basically a very usefull worklfow i found in Rhino-Archicad pair is working large models or urban scenes, terrain modelling, and any other possible analysis or parametric output from Grasshopper that is not possible or convenient in Archicad.
In that sense as a priority and maybe an easier way before a real BIM feature, I would like to be able to send at least 2d curves (lines, polylines, circles, maybe even nurbs) and text, maybe also fills, from Grasshopper to Archicad, so things that you would call drafting that either represent the base or sketch for a 3D model in Archicad or actual data like maps, terrain analysis, urban plans, siteplans, etc.
These are tedious to do or even import in Archicad and they are usually automated in Grasshopper so that would be really nice.

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