How create revit geometry from grasshopper

Hi, I have been following the tutorial about the creation of revit geometry from grasshopper but I have the following problem:
“1. Solution exception:Cannot understand what unit metri is.”
Can someone help me?


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Hi @nic_man,

Let me start by welcoming you to our community! :raised_hands:t3: If you haven’t already, feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 to everyone hanging around here :slight_smile:

Now, onto the problem. It seems like you’re getting the units in a “localised” form, so I’m assuming you have your Rhino in a language that is not english?

I’d have to check this out with a bit more detail, but the fastest way to fix this on your side (I’m hoping) is to modify your Rhino installed language. I’ll also ping @teocomi, since I recall having this issue (or a similar one) in the past…

To change the language you can follow this post from the Rhino peeps:

We’ll try to fix this on our side for the upcoming release 2.8, but if you’re able to check the language change, we’d love to hear if that did the trick!

Thanks for reporting this!!

Thank you @AlanRynne, the problem with units is now solved.

But unfortunately I have a problem with exporting.
I want to speckle a series of windows for Revit. To do this I am using Speckle for Revit components. In detail I used this script:

In both the speckle preview and in Revit, some windows are not planar:

Thanks for the support.

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Hey @nic_man ,

This is quite weird! Can you share that definition with us so we can debug a bit?
In the meantime you could also try our latest and greatest DXF import setting (codenamed “Sexy Meshes”): Revit | Speckle Docs

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