How can I get PBIVIZ for Power BI?


Excuse my ignorance, but I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to get and install the PBIVIZ file for Power BI.

Thank you

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Hello @Sebas_Alonso,
you can just open the downloaded file like this. Needs to be done for every new report.


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Oh @AlexHofbeck beat me to it :raised_hands:t3:

There’s a brief guide on how to set it up and use it in Power BI | Speckle Docs

The pbiviz file itself can be downloaded from our repos, there’s a thread with the links here

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and this one I did not know @AlanRynne

Nice :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your help @AlexHofbeck and @AlanRynne!

I have downloaded PBIVIZ and imported it into Power BI, I am following the steps in the guide but it is not clear to me how to generate the “Stream URL” and “Object ID” column.

Is there a tutorial on how to generate these columns?

Usually these are generated automatically by fetching Speckle data using our PowerBI Data Connector (also in the guide linked above). Specifically the Get by Url function.

There is nothing stopping you from loading this data from somewhere else (such as an excel table) but the easiest way is to use our DataConnector for sure

The problem was that I was using an old connector, I have updated it and it works perfectly!

It would be great if 3D were also interactive, that is, selecting an element would change the rest of the graphics to show its values.

Thanks for your help!

Bi directional selection is already available! But you have to have some data connected into the Object Data field to enable the highlighting behaviour in PowerBI.

Next version will have some usability improvements on this regard :wink: but feel free to come back to us with any feedback! We’ll definitely try to include user priorities in our roadmap

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