How can I disable basic authentication on Speckle Server admin?

Hello Speckle people
I want to disable the default authentication from our speckle instances we have deployed on Kubernetes.

I am interested in remove the button, but also remove the route from the routes or URL management in the application code.

I can see when I click default authentication I am redirected to login page, nad if I have not and account I can created it via register page

From the speckle server repository, I would like to have control of the different URLs or routes are being created and the functions or business logic of them.

But I would like to proceed taking into consideration the eventual best practices, what is the best way to do it? Not just removing code.

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Hey @bgarcial! Welcome to these parts - if you have the time, don’t forget to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

To turn off local auth in your V1 server, it’s quite simple: just set the USE_LOCAL env var to false in your .env file.

And… you’re done (don’t forget to restart the server afterwards though)!


Thank you for your fast response @dimitrie
What about public registration variable? Is that something we have to set to false as well?
I will introduce myself, give me this day please :smile: sorry for not doing it before.

No rush re intros! It’s optional, but it can be nice to meet :slight_smile:

The public registration variable, if set to false, will only allow people to login/register using the strategies you enabled. This means that, for example, if using Azure AD, only people from the organisation you specify will be allowed to log in.

This is if I remember correctly, it’s been some time now!

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